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ponchoxz dice:
Amigo, compañero.

Alfonso es mi valecita.
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myy dice:
sheep, as accustomed to travel, who know one day need to go. Then the boy thought of the merchant's daughter, and concluded that she was already married. Maybe with a popcorn vendors, or it is also a surprisingly literate and speaks the story of the shepherd, after all, he should not be having this ability can only shepherd. This boy was his inspired hunch: end, enjoy the beautiful process of passing, we should learn to forget, burst into laughter for a while, bold cry, looked up scan of this Chamber, a bright sun, I believe the time You can change everything! Do not let your tears, this is real, this is a new self, this is an unreserved own.Spring and spring style, elegant winter there are winter life each have their own beauty, each have their own smart, you laugh, the world laughs with you. You cry, only one person you cry.Silent, and my heart did not you, you also say useless, the heart of your people, do not you say, my heart will be filled with you, some things, some things, say more than a useless, only to say when he said, not to say, when to remain silent, which is the best choice.There are too many silent life, a lot of frustration, too much trouble, not that we are not happy, but my heart filled with too many things, too many things fit, everything seems to be in their own personal experiences only once good, but he knew but not so much energy.Contented themselves often think, but we can do, few can, who upset no matter who is depressed does not matter, who was not hiding something, we think happy, happy thought, but laughter is to others, heart who knowsbitter,brilliant flowers behind each one, who knows too much to bear it in silence baptism of wind and rain in the dark.What to do when to do what, no need to think too much trouble, no need to consider many things, because we do not foresee, impossibletoguess what will happen tomorrow, or what is about to happen,wecannotpredict,interpretation of five words, a true legend of the people to live in the present contents.I'm just myself, I am the only themselves, no need to comparisons with others, not so much because of their own capital, not so strong background, and no enviable look and profound knowledge, I'm just a humble trees grass, but I believe in yourself, even if it encountered another big storm, but also a strong go.Own Road is their own choice, I have to finish, can not always accompany me the way to go so far away, so ill, I can not cry, because everything I asked for it, no one can help me, I have to go on, even if the knees have to go.Youth is a piece of paper, we are a pen, the nib can enjoy romantic sway in this piece of paper, but also how to get out of the paper horizon. Youth is the will of drops of sweat and hard work led to the nectar - enduring
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