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Diet? Hell no! Now a day no one really likes being on diet because food is BAE and food is life. Yes, there are people who are pretty much conscious about their figure but most of them are least interested and when it comes to dessert, no one is ready to sacrifice calories.
But then we do need to check on dessert, as it contains more calories that can affect our health in future. No one is supposed to cut down dessert, but one can probably switch on to some tasty diet desserts, that will help them to watch out their calories intake and have a healthy lifestyle.
The top 5 diet dessert to grab on is as follows:-
1) Coconut Pudding – Simply mix shredded coconut and coconut milk with low fat cottage cheese and a few dates for topping. This has less calories and no added sugar that will let you eat more and maintain your calories.
2) Banana dip – Most convenient and easiest to make. Take a small banana and dip in the chocolate coated with peanuts and have it.
3) Chocolate pick-me-up – How about having espresso beans covered with chocolate? Chocolate pick-me-up simply consists of espresso beans dipped in chocolate. Consume it whenever you want without counting your calories.
4) S’more – Love marsh mellows? Then this dessert is perfect for you. Toasted marshmellow combined with graham cracker and dark chocolate is named S’more that helps you to maintain your calories.
5) Chewy and chocolaty – Feeling to have chocolate and cake together? Grab deep chocolate vita muffin that is chewy and chocolate and satisfies your sweet tooth cravings.
These are the top 5 tasty diet dessert that can help you to switch on diet dessert and also maintain calories at the same time.
Go grab some soon!
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Otra forma de decir top 5 tasty diet desserts to munch on!
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